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Start with a Solid Slab Foundation in Williams Lake & Nearby Areas

Most people intuitively know that a sturdy building begins with a solid, reliable foundation. The quality of your foundation can determine the structural longevity of the building. Foundations act as a barrier between your house and the ground, protecting against damage from natural elements and ensuring the building stays above-ground.

A good foundation also ensures good drainage and minimizes the chance of seeing worrisome fissures and cracks spreading through your ground. Omega-1 Contracting can fulfill your foundation and slab foundation needs in Williams Lake and the surrounding Cariboo region. We handle:

  • Foundations and footings

  • ICF (“insulating concrete form”) foundations

  • Slab work (pouring concrete)

  • Retaining walls

Contact us today for more details.

Spotlight on Slab Foundations: Simple Yet Solid

Slab foundations are a popular choice for property owners. Though it means not having a crawlspace or basement under your building, slab foundations are relatively inexpensive compared to other foundation types. They are also easier and faster to build, and the lack of an airspace beneath them means lower HVAC builds for the property owner. Furthermore, slab foundations are resistant to mould, mildew, and invading critters.

At Omega-1 Contracting, we have more than just a foundational understanding of slab foundations in Williams Lake, 100 Mile House, and the surrounding Cariboo region, so call us today for all your foundation needs!

More Than Just a Foundational Knowledge

Omega-1 Contracting has been constructing solid buildings since 1989. We know our stuff.

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