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Custom Renovations in 108 Mile Ranch & Cariboo Region

If you’re thinking of selling your house one day, you want to profit. There’s a way to increase your property’s resale value and enjoy a slick, upgraded living space at the same time: renovating!

Interior or exterior, low budget or high, residential or commercial – we can handle it. Omega-1 Contracting is a local company in the Cariboo region that has been completing quality renovations in 108 Mile Ranch and elsewhere for nearly 30 years.

Stumped for design ideas? Have it all planned out in your head? Doesn’t matter; we can build it with you every step of the way, from planning to designing to building to enjoying! From the installation of the drywall to the finishing touches, Omega-1 is your renovation specialist!

Renovations: A Smart Investment

Yes, renovating isn’t cheap, but it’s a smart investment to make if you’re thinking of reselling your property someday. Simple things like replacing carpeted floors with hardwood or upgrading bathroom fixtures can increase your building’s resale value. When it’s time to sell, you want to profit.

But you also want a comfortable, aesthetically beautiful, one-of-a-kind space to enjoy. From choosing the colour of drapery to brightening the kitchen, renovating a home (or other type of building), especially a very old one, can greatly increase your quality of life. Come back from work to a beautiful home!

Practically speaking, renovations are also a good time to address problems like structural damage and outdated fixtures, such as replacing a fuse box with a panel system. Maximize your everyone’s safety with modernized fixtures.

Need to make sure your house is as perfect on paper as it looks? Omega-1 offers building code upgrades to make inspections a breeze.

Excited to start your renovation project in 108 Mile Ranch, Williams Lake, or elsewhere in the Cariboo region? Contact Omega-1 Contracting today for a free quote!

Customize Your Castle

Profit when you resell your property, or simply enjoy living, working, and playing in it more.

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